Anchor Me

an anchored life is full of hope

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Glamorous Girls

I recently took a trip to Washington D.C. hosted by my friend Pat, we had a ball attending a glamorous girls conference, as well as visiting the monuments, White House, lunch at union station etc. Of course I got hurried along by the secret service for walking to slow in front of the White House , I'm sure I was a threat looking like a tourist, goes to show you what condition our country is in since 911.

Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit In Time

"Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit In Time" because of my personal challenges of working with the concept of time management and balancing the dimensions of being human. These days, it seems as if time has become more accelerated as we continue to cram 24 hours into this Gregorian calendar of time. Different cultures have respective measures of how they define time and how time is to be used. In our culture, our time has been centered on working 8 hour jobs (or more), racing towards each holiday to celebrate its meaning and being part of the constant "rush" of society's time-piece. Unfortunately, our society does not embrace the concept of integrating body, mind and spirit in our daily interactions or in synch with time. Finding the time to listen to God and to ourselves is an important component of this integration as spirit needs to be linked (anchored) to God. The body and mind can find solace in the midst of the storms and challenges if the spirit is "hooked up to the Source" regardless of where we may find ourselves. As I write this, I am in the midst of some trying moments but I do know that something is carrying me through these storms so that I can get through the course of each day. Morning prayer is a daily ritual to start the day to be better prepared and equipped than the day before to deal with whatever comes our way. We can rest assured that whatever comes our way, if we are in synch and connected to God and having body, mind and Spirit well integrated, God will manifest on time, in the nick of time, all the time. Even during the darkest moments, God is with us during this period as we navigate through the tests of time and our lives are deeply enriched as a result of surviving the challenges and tests. Time as we know it is a construction of man but time as God's measurement defines another whole level of how we are being perfected in this lifetime to do the work we are called upon to do.