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Friday, September 11, 2009


Today would have been our 34th wedding anniversay. Today is full of memories, some happy some sad. So today "Summing it all up, friends, I'd say you'll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious-the best, not the worst;the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise,not things to curse." The Message

I believe I'll run on, see what the ends gon be.

A Lesson From a Coffee Pot

V. Charlene Christmon: A Lesson from a Coffee Pot.

This blessed me this morning ya’ll. It is funny because i actually originally wrote this about 3 years ago, but it is amazing how RIGHT NOW in this season of my life it applies as much if not more than it did back then. Talk about a fresh start!

Well I went in to make coffee (as I do every morning) I started the coffee brewing and then went and sat down to start work. Not even 10 minutes later something told me to get up and go and check on the coffee. To my surprise, when I went in the kitchen, the coffee pot was boiling over and there was ground coffee spilling out the sides…. This happened b/c when putting the pot back in the coffee maker I did not put it in all of the way, so the coffee had no where to go so it backfired.

At first I was frustrated and immediately said “UH is this how this day is gonna be!! “ But that is when God started speaking to me! It was SOOO CRAZY. The first thing he said was clean it up and start again. As I began to clean up the mess God continued to teach. First he said.. Today is the day that we redo what we did not do right the first time. He pointed out that making the coffee is a lot like my life and the things that God is trying to do. When you make coffee all you have to do is possess the ingredients, put them in the maker, place the pot in POSITION and wait… the machine will do the rest! It is like the coffee ingredients are the innate things in us that we already posess, our strengths, talents, etc. The pot represents your self, in this case Me. and the Maker of course is God.

It is like, you can posses all of the ingredients, but if aren’t in position, even when the Maker/God tries to create something there is no where for it to go and you end up with a mess. It was also interesting to me that God pointed out to me the hole at the top of the coffee pot… there is an exact position that the pot must be in in order for the coffee to go through, it cannot be to far left, to far right or to far back… What is most interesting to me is that God seemed to show me that my problem was not going left or right of the correct position, but not putting the pot all the way in.. as if to say I have still not fully committed myself to the position he is trying to place me in! THAT BLEW MY MIND!!!

The funny thing is that I got in the room in time to clean up the mess, start again and still have coffee before anyone noticed the difference… It’s like God was giving me the heads up, and then showing me how to clean it up and start fresh the right way. I don’t know, it is funny, b/c when the guys came in today they saw nothing of the mess that was made the first time around, all they saw was the end result. A BOMB cup of coffee!! LOL I heard God telling me that when he does this thing for real, it will not matter about the first go round / the mess or the false starts.. All people will see and all that matters is the end result, an untainted, BOMB